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Since 2009, Umang Speech & Hearing Clinic has been serving to improve the lives of individuals with hearing concerns. With a dedicated team of experienced audiologists and speech therapists, we are providing customized treatment to all our patients with different hearing and speech problems. In our short journey of 14 years, we have grown from a single clinic to four.

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We have a huge community of more than 10,000 patients who rely upon us for their hearing aid needs. Whether it's about service or an upgrade, our 100% repeat customer rate speaks about the quality and trust we provide. As pioneers in Bhopal, we performed the first Cochlear Implant in 2013 and have successfully completed 1600 implants since then.

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Get exceptional treatment and top-quality services for all your hearing issues at Umang Speech & Hearing Clinic. With partnerships with reputable hospitals like Apollo, Deep Advance, Hajela, Carrier Hospital, Vardhman, and Akash in Indore, you can be confident in choosing Umang as your preferred hearing aid provider. Get in touch with us today!

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